A True Christian is not easy to find these days. 

     Most people don't even know what being a True Christian actually means.  In fact, most people have never really heard the Gospel that Jesus brought to us during his life's ministry.
     Have you?
     Or have you just accepted without question the doctrine of the church you were born into because it was the religion of your parents and grandparents?
     If so, you might want to examine the beliefs of that organization objectively for yourself, and determine if in fact their practices have a sound foundation in Biblical teaching.
     I tell you these things because I found myself in this exact quandary not that long ago, when upon my own unbiased study of God's word, I was astonished at how spiritually misguided I had been by the teachings I had been brought up with.
     I'll explain- 
     After the death of Christ the early apostolic church became greatly persecuted in Judea.  Decreed heretics by the council of high priests in Jerusalem, and as such subject to death under occupying Roman rule, these severely oppressed first followers of Christ were forced to practice their religion in constant fear and secrecy.
     The Church of God in it's infancy was on the verge of extinction.
     Then God raised up the apostle Paul who spread this same Gospel of Jesus to the Gentiles throughout all of Asia Minor - then even to Rome, thus revitalizing the near vanquished congregation in Judea.
     However, by 53 A.D. (just a little over twenty years after Christ's death), Paul cautioned his followers that this Gospel had begun to be changed - corrupted by the traditions and pagan religious practices of these very same nations he had preached the truth to.
"I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ."  (Gal 1:6-7)
    By 325 A.D., Pagan Rome, conqueror of the known world of it's time, became by a decree of the Emperor Constantine a "Christian Empire".  Unfortunately, the brand of Christianity being practiced in Rome at that time was, as Paul had warned, not the same religion that he and the Apostles had been taught by Christ himself. 
     How can that be you ask?
     Remember, Rome was a world conquering Empire that instituted with might it's government, it's laws, it's culture, and it's traditions upon the territories it devoured - traditions that were in fact the same Paganistic religious practices of the Greek, Persian, and Babylonian Civilizations that had in like manner conquered the world centuries before.
     Though their gods and festivals of worship might have been called by different names, each of these ancient cultures in essence, worshiped the same deities and practiced the same religious observances - which were then infused from one conquering empire into the next - weaving like thread this apostate theology into what has become the common fabric of religious belief that has persisted all through history-
     Today - the name it is known by is Christianity!
     Yes, the Gospel that is preached by the accepted traditional churches of today is not the one that Christ brought, but rather a counterfeit, now merely appropriating His name.
"For in vain do they worship [Him] teaching not the commandments of God but the doctrines of men ... making the word of God of no effect through your tradition."  (Mark 7:7-13)



Sundaydoes not worship on Sunday

does not believe in a TrinitydoctrineTrinity

Immortal Soul is certain that he does not have an
Immortal Soul.
 is aware that Christmas  is not Christ's birthday.
And Easter is the ancient pagan fertility goddess.
knows he will not ascend to  Heaven upon his death Heaven

is positive that theBible is the 
only authoritative source of God's divine word.

Most of all - he believes with all his heart

that Christ will soon return as
King of Kings

King of Kings

to restore the truths that time and the Devil (through his influence over the kings and religious leaders of this earth) have robbed from the world.

Sounds too fantastic to be true you say?  If you're a True Christian, you will make it your business to prove for yourself if in fact these things are true.
If you're a True Christian, it behooves you to know!

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