Into the Wilderness

    A new era of oppression had begun, except this time it was Christians persecuting Christians.  Those who would be so bold as to keep the true commanded sabbath, or memorialize the day of their Savior's death, did so at the peril of losing their own life. 

    To survive, the fragmented and dwindling remnant of the "True Church" goes into hiding almost to the point of historical oblivion.      

        "the woman fled into the wilderness"   Rev 12:6      

    Most of what little documentation of it's existence that remains has surfaced in the pages of history as mostly obscure derogatory references to "heretical Christian sects", that still practiced forms of "Jewry", in places such as the Near East, Asia Minor, Armenia, the Balkins, the Alpine regions of Europe, Southern France, Britain and the United States.     
    Epiphanius of Salamis wrote that in the last part of the fourth century their still existed groups of "Quartodecimans".     
    At Ephesus there were still some called Nazarenes.     



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