The True Church in America
       We can all remember from grade school history lessons that the Pilgrims came to America to escape religious persecution. 

    But how many of you can remember being taught what beliefs they were persecuted for.   
    Chances are you don't remember.   
    Chances are you were never told. 

    The Pilgrims were persecuted in England because they didn't believe in practicing Holidays like Christmas and Easter. 
    One of the first orders of business the Pilgrims attended to upon their arrival in the New World, was to pass laws condemning the practice of Christmas and Easter here.   
    But we weren't taught that in school!   
    It seems that sometimes we're taught half truths -   
    With missing details - that misleadingly imply things, that in the context of their entirety are not implied at all. 

    That's what happened to God's Truth -    
    That's why so many professing Christians today have been so deceived.    
    You see, half-truths are really - just lies.

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