The Church of God Seventh Day 

    Such was a group called -  
    "The Church of God Seventh Day". 

    In a written history of this organization on pages 25-26, we read about their knowledge of other isolated groups of "True Christians":  

    "It is very encouraging for us to find, that unknown to each other, there are now found to be bands of brethren and sisters, and many individuals, isolated from each other, in several different states, who have believed the same objects by the same means, and, so far as now appears, filled with the same spirit, and having the same hope of inheriting the Kingdom of God; looking for it as nigh at hand."
    History records the westward trek and presence of these faithful followers of God in Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri.   
    In 1884, a General Conference of the "Church of God" was formed from the membership body in these states, and by the turn of the Twentieth Century, membership at these conferences included congregations as far west as South Dakota, and Oregon.
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