This sounds too much like Herbert W. Armstrong to have a copyright mark. I assume this material was either produced by the Worldwide Church of God or one of it's spin-off organizations. What are your recent origins?


Firstly, we are not a spin-off of the World Wide Church of God and have no affiliation with them or any other Christian organization.

Our beliefs and understanding of scripture, comes from our own intensive study of God's Holy Word and the languages it was originally written in. You are correct in recognizing the many beliefs both scriptural and historical that we share in common with those once held by the WWCOG under the leadership of Mr. Armstrong.
We considered him a truly inspired man of God.
I take it from the tone of your first sentence - that you do not. If I'm right in that assumption, this story may amuse you.
The first time I saw H.W. Armstrong on the "World Tomorrow" broadcast I laughed so hard at the things he said I almost fell off the sofa. I remember how ludicrous I thought everything he said was. If he's right, I thought, everything I was ever taught about Christianity is wrong.
Now, 16 years later, with the equivalent self-study to have probably earned doctorate degrees in Theology, History, Linguistics and the Migrations of Ancient Peoples -
I realize - everything I was taught is wrong.
The teachings and practices of traditional Christian churches today are not in accord with those taught by the Apostolic church. The Gospel Jesus preached during his Ministry has been syncretized to the core with pagan doctrines, and man-made traditions.
Anyone with a sincere desire to find this out for himself can do so without having to take the word of Mr. Armstrong, myself, or anyone else, because - upon discriminating study, these Biblical truths and historical facts become all too self-evident.
No one holds a copyright on the truth!
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