Do you believe the King James version of the Bible is the true word of God?  Which version of the Bible do you recommend?


The King James version of God's Holy scripture is surprisingly to most people, not the first English translation of God's Holy Scripture.

Though it is considered a literary masterpiece - and according to biblical scholars, does for the most part reflect an accurate translation of the original languages the scriptures were written in -

It is not flawless. 

On a historical note - earlier manuscripts that predate the ones used to write the original 1611 KJV translation, were discovered in the middle of the nineteenth century, that even more accurately reflect the original writings and contain less of the non-cannonical additions found in the final KJV still in use today.
So we see that man has played an important role in both preserving and polluting God's Holy Word.
Since the King James translation, there have been dozens of other translations - all of which have their strong and weak points as far as how accurately they reflect God's Truth.
So to answer your question directly - yes the KJV is God's Holy word, though the information above should be taken into consideration.

Here are some suggestions for your Bible study.
There are dozens of Biblical translations out there, each has it's strong and weak points. We recommend having as many different translations as you can obtain.
We've found the Revised Standard, King James, and James Moffett translations essential to any serious study of the Bible, as well as a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. The Strong's contains the meaning of all Biblical words (used in the KJV) in their original Greek, Hebrew, or Chaldee - this is extremely helpful in understanding what's really being said.
With these study tools and an unbiased outlook, you will be able to understand the True Word of God

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